Review List

A complete list of all the games I’ve reviewed thus far.

Full Reviews 

I go in-depth about the game, describing its features and mechanics. I’ll also list out the pros, cons and any suggestions to be made at the time. Finally, I’ll do a rating break-down and give it a final score. Usually reserved for games I’ve actually completed or am confident in reviewing.

Amnesia: Memories
Devil’s Attorney
Fire Emblem Heroes
Mabinogi: Duel
Mystic Messenger
Soda Dungeon

Progress/Quick Reviews

Progress reviews are meant to be reviews for games I’m currently playing but have yet to finish, but pretty in-depth still. Quick reviews are for games I don’t want to write a full review for, and have no structure.

Card Crawl
Cook Hunt: Catch and Serve!
Slime Rancher

First Impressions

Usually for games I’ve had less than 5 hours playing. Can be changed/updated in the future and is totally free-form.

Otogi: Spirit Agents
Rocket League


Really quick and short blurbs about games. I classify them as rambles since I’m not really reviewing them, but you’ll find the list here! (Confusing, huh.)

Snapshot #1 – Postknight, My Horse Prince, 7 Knights, King’s Raid