Lyn Plays: Slime Rancher (Quick Review)


Developer/Publisher: Monomi Park
Platform(s): PC, Xbox One
Price: $19.99
Discovery: Youtuber
Playtime: 9 hours

Slime Rancher has actually been on my wishlist for a quite a while, but I only got around to buying it with the recent Steam sale. I initially found out about this game through a Youtuber, and was amazed at how cute it was. …that was months ago. While the game is still in Early Access, what Monomi Park has proven is that they are dedicated and are consistent with their updates. It’s great to see the game grow with new features.

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Lyn Rambles: My thoughts on Life is Strange


So rather than make a review, I think I just want to make a post on really my reactions and experience in playing this episodic, story-based game that is Life is Strange. Stuff was written down pretty much as I played it, so a lot of things will lack context for those not familiar with the story.

(Yes, major spoilers ahead.)

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Anime Expo 2016 Round Up/Megapost

One of the things I like about AX is that there’s also of focus on anime-style games (and a whole lotta free shtuff). A fair amount of companies come out and showcase their work through booths, panels and other events. So for this post I’m going to quickly go over all the games that caught my attention during my experience at Anime Expo!

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Lyn Plays: Rocket League (First Impressions)


Developer/Publisher: Psyonix
Platform(s): PC, PS4, Xbox One
Price: $19.99
Discovery: Steam front page
Playtime: 71 minutes

Disclaimer: My first impression “reviews” basically have no format. I kind of just barf my thoughts into a semi-coherent post. 😀

Alright. Call me late to the party, but Rocket League has been sitting on my wishlist for a good few months now. So lo and behold, FREE WEEKEND! What’s better than full access for a demo to try-before-I-buy.

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