Lyn Rambles: Snapshot #2 (HIT/Heroes of Incredible Tales, Orpheus Stone, I Love Hue, Dancing Line)


Look: I went ahead and spent a bit of time to make this nice visual! Anyway, here’s the lineup for this Snapshot:

HIT – A real-time action RPG published by Nexon
Orpheus Stone – A very cute and humorous resource-gathering and strategy game
I Love Hue РA puzzle game based on arranging rectangles to create a nice spectrum
Dancing Line – A music arcade game where you must tap to the beat and avoid obstacles

These are all free mobile games, by the way. ūüôā

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Lyn Rambles: Snapshot #1 (Postknight, My Horse Prince, 7 Knights, King’s Raid)

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ll be trying out a new post type in an effort to get more stuff out when I can’t really afford to do full posts ~ This first snapshot will be a recap of all the mobile games I’ve been playing in the past¬†few weeks or so.

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Lyn Reviews: Fire Emblem Heroes (Full Review)


Developer/Publisher: Intellegent Systems Co., Ltd./Nintendo
Platform(s): Android, iOS
Price: Free, with IAP
Discovery: Friends
Playtime: Approx. 6 hours

Clearly this game is all the rage because lot of my friends have been playing it! The hype almost reminds me of when Pokemon Go came out. Well, I’m not sure if it’s as big as Pokemon has a fairly wider appeal.¬†In fact, while I’ve definitely heard about Fire Emblem and even seen gameplay, I’ve yet to get my hands on any of the titles. So, bare in mind: I’ll be writing on the basis that I’ve never played a Fire Emblem game before. Hopefully it won’t take away too much from the experience.

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Lyn Plays: Reigns (First Impressions)


Developer/Publisher: Nerial/Devolver Digital
Platform(s): Google Play, Apple App Store, Steam
Price: $2.99
Discovery: Google Play Store/Steam
Playtime: Approx. 2 hours

Reigns is a decision-based fantasy card game. You play through a long lineage of rulers, and must make choices that will determine the outcome of your kingdom and its resources. Be wary of the choices you make, for it may have long term consequences down the road.

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Lyn Plays: Otogi: Spirit Agents (First Impressions)


Developer/Publisher: Mitama Games
Platform(s): Android, iOS
Price: Free, with IAP
Discovery: Google Play Store
Playtime: Approx. 4 hours

Long, long ago, I played this really cool anime card game called Ayakashi: Ghost Guild but kind of lost interest. Well, in April of last year, AGG actually got shut down. Which was a shame, as the game really stood out, especially in terms of theme and my goodness was the art amazing. Too bad a certain *ahem* company really made it quite…pay-to-win, is what I was told.

Well, some of the original developers, backed by fans of the game, got together to create Otogi, AGG’s spiritual (heh) successor.

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Lyn Rambles: Secret 01, 02 & Closing Remarks (Mystic Messenger)


Okay… I’m going to be quite honest. I’m quite done with MM at this point. Plus I have a huge backlog of other games I’ve been meaning to review. But I’ve committed myself to it and will stick out until the end. However, I’m not going to be as in-depth with these Secrets as much as I was in the other routes. They do, however, reveal a lot of backstory behind Mint Eye, V and Rika, while properly tying up the current one with all the RFA members. So yeah, I apologize in advance, but I think I will just reveal the most important parts for both, hah.

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