I swear I’m alive.

The time between my posts has been growing longer.

But honestly, any free time I’m getting lately goes into playing games ¬†– or making them as a hobby ūüėČ – there’s little-to-no time to actually write about them.

And it doesn’t help that my average word count is really high.

And I’m not lying when I say my backlog with all the games I’ve played so far is huge. But I really can’t bring myself to write with the quality I want to write.

…SooOoOo. In an effort to try to put *something* on the table, I’ll be introducing yet another post type: Snapshots. ūüôā I think it’ll fall under the¬†Ramble category. I’m not really nitpicking at a game more so than I’m just writing quick blurbs about them and providing screenshots. Let’s see how it goes!


Anime Expo 2016 Round Up/Megapost

One of the things I like about AX is that there’s also of focus on anime-style games (and a whole lotta free shtuff). A fair amount of companies come out and showcase their work through booths, panels and other events. So for this post I’m going to quickly go over all the games that caught my attention during my experience at Anime Expo!

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On My Radar: Tree of Savior


Tree of Savior

Developer/Publisher: IMC Games Co., Ltd.
Platform(s): PC
Price:¬†Free to Play, with Founder’s Packs for early access
Discovery:¬†YouTube Let’s Play
Release Date: April 28th, 2016 Pushed to May 10th; currently in Early Access

I cannot tell you how many hours I have put into Ragnarok Online, but it’s probably in the thousands. My mains were High Priest and Biochemist, and it claims the title of being my first ever F2P MMORPG.

One of biggest draws for RO was that you had 2D sprites in a 3D environment Рan isometric world, to be exact. So when Ragnarok Online 2 was announced, I really had no desire to make the switch because the transition to full 3D was a bit too much in my opinion, not to mention the overall mass of disappointment that followed.

Along comes IMC Games Co., Ltd., the developer and publisher behind Tree of Savior, meant to be the true sequel to RO (what’s with me and true sequels lately?). Fun fact: IMC are the ones behind Granado Espada, which I’ve also played, and stands for Impress, Motivate, and Connect.

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On My Radar: Planet Coaster


Planet Coaster

Developer/Publisher: Frontier Developments
Platform(s): PC
Price: $29.99 for base game
Discovery: Random browsing on the internet
Release Date: Q4 2016; March 22nd, 2016 for Alpha

I’m a sucker for sim games. Especially ones that involve managing things such as cities, or villages – or theme parks! In fact, one of my first PC games was Roller Coaster Tycoon 2. I think it’s the idea of¬†being able¬†start from scratch and building your way up, with control even over the tiniest of details.¬†Nothing beats just sitting back after hours and hours of carefully lining the tracks, mapping out your park, and setting up the perfect scenery just to finally watch it all come to life.

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