Lyn Rambles: Mystic Messenger Christmas DLC


Oh boy, I really didn’t expect MM to come with an update, so imagine my surprise when I come to check the app to see new content! Having played all of the “good” endings (I think), it will all be summarized into this one post, since there two days in the DLC and you don’t even need to bother with guests.

First things first, it says that there are eight endings in total. I was able to get the 5 good endings, a special bad ending. I’m going to assume that I’m missing out on the general ending (when you’re not that involved and don’t really get anyone in particular), and that the last type of ending is when you get to someone’s route, but fail to get enough hearts or something, which I don’t usually bother going for.

Other stuff to keep in mind:

• The storyline takes place in an alternate universe, so assume that you’ve already gone through the formalities, but haven’t gotten close with anyone yet
• In all the routes, the main focus is in the charity fundraising event, but instead of it being under RFA name, it’s under C&R at the insistence of V
• It means a lot more if you play this after you’ve completed all of the main story routes/special endings

So, with that out of the way, I’ll be writing in the order that I achieved each ending, starting off with…



I suppose with each route, you are meant to discover just what Christmas means for each character. And for Jumin, he really doesn’t see much into the holiday as, well, presents aren’t a thing when you can get anything that you want at any time being so rich.

The main thing he has trouble with is the fact that V has definitely changed as of late. V insists on using the C&R name for the charity event instead of RFA, gives vague answers, and generally is not as involved anymore and rarely shows up in the chatrooms. Jumin is coming to the realization that V just isn’t the close friend he knew anymore, and being the spoiled brat that he is, isn’t happy about it.

Of course, toward the end, Jumin realizes that people change, for better or worse, and really opens up and thanks Reina for staying by his side and giving him support. Er, sure. I have no idea what you really do though, but that kind of goes for a lot of this game since you’re really just there to talk ^^;;.

Anyway, in his ending, Jumin shows up super flashy. Funnily enough, he actually waits an hour in line to donate which surprises Jaehee and Yoosung as they expected him to just walk and cut to the front. And he donates a whopping $120 million dollars in cash, carrying it in a large bag. His reasoning? To show off to Reina. Oh lawwddddd….




Yoosung is very cute, and I love his voice. (In game, you can set the sound for texts, phone calls, etc, and it’s all Yoosung’s for me :P) Of course, I would say after V, he is the one closest to Rika and in the DLC still talks about her the most. Yoosung is particularly upset at V and his decision to keep the event as a C&R sponsored one, not under RFA.

He also plays a rather big role, alongside with Jaehee, in having to plan out and coordinate the entire charity event, as most of the RFA members are caught up with work and whatnot. Ultimately, Yoosung learns that what’s important isn’t just a namesake, but the effort you put in and memories you make. I think it’s really apt to see Yoosung enjoying this event, as his passion is in helping/volunteering, and that he aspires to become a veterinarian which shows his caring nature.

The only thing that bothered me was that in his ending, he comes off as a bit…insecure? He keeps saying things like, “I can only hope one day I’ll become enough of a man for you” when more than anything I just wanted to hear him reciprocate his feelings for Reina. Hmmph. *shrugs*


But wow he looks really tall in this CG.



I was really curious to see how the DLC would handle Jaehee, seeing how the main story went a bit safe. Needless to say, I was pretty happy with the outcome.

So, Jaehee, always being overworked, doesn’t celebrate Christmas that much as odds are she’s usually working even during the holidays. In fact, her ideal way of celebrating would be to bundle up and watch videos at Zen’s performances at home, alone! But of course, that ideal changes into wanting to include Reina as they get closer. C:

In her ending, not only does she have to run around handling the event, but must also head back to the C&R building to pick up some documents. Of course, she gets tired and rests her eyes, and ends up falling asleep. ^^ Jumin actually acts a bit as a wingman, hah, and allows you to take the car and Driver Kim to go after Jaehee. Or maybe he just really wants the documents back faster, lol idk.

Ah, it’s such a cute ending. You have the option of waking up Jaehee and being outright with your feelings, but for some reason I thought it apt to do the opposite. So Reina ended up saying, “One day, I’ll be able to reveal my true feelings for you.” Kyaaaaa >__< what a tease.




Yes, you can in fact get an ending with Mr. Edgy, but more than anything I consider it a bad ending because it’s creepy af. :T I was actually spoiler’d in that I knew this ending existed, but tried my best to get it on my own without looking up how.

So, no matter what, Unknown will send you a text during a certain chatroom on Christmas Day. (I forget which one it is, but I think it’s “Yoosung and C&R,” the second one in the day…?) But nothing else happens if you do the other routes right. I figured maybe you just needed to get as little hearts as possible, so I tried to avoid a lot of conversations, especially on the first day. The thing is, I noticed beforehand how on the second day you have a lot of options to be despondent and keep saying you’re “considering” going to the event. So I participated in that.

Generally, what you have to do is:

  1. Do not participate in any conversations on the first day. I highly recommend you starting a new game at like 11:00 PM lol
  2.  Participate in three specific conversations on the second day. I apologize as I really don’t know which ones exactly, but they will trigger the three text messages from Unknown. You are on track if you get the second and third ones.
  3. Answer the text messages from him properly. Say that you want to get to know him more, tell him the location of the event, and then the time it ends.

The crazy thing is that the ending starts off as a really nice general ending. Almost everyone shows up to the charity event (which isn’t the case for the other routes), and even Seven, who can’t be there physically, takes over the large screen and shows a digital fireworks display with RFA on it! 🙂

…Then you get in the car and go home to your apartment. *gulp* Looks like Saeran found his way in, and oh my goodness it is so, so, so incredibly creepy. The voice actor did such a great job. o///o;; To be honest, I have no idea if Saeran actually means to treat Reina well at all, and could just be using her to get back at the RFA members. I’m going to assume that Mr. Edgy kidnaps you, and in a chatroom you see all the RFA members freaking out. You are then left with this CG…


…You okay there, Reina?

It’s very unsettling! Oh, and if you want the full experience, I suggest doing Seven’s route before this, as it’s in that route that you get a phone call from Unknown after one of Seven’s chatrooms. ^^;;



I think by far, Zen’s route is my favorite in this DLC. Oh my goodness, the amount of flirting and teasing that goes on *fans self* haaah.

Zen is a work-o-holic, but unfortunately that comes to bite him back as he is forced to spend Christmas Eve and then even Christmas Day rehearsing after some major changes in the production he’s in. Basically, he gets bumped from minor to major character and has to learn more lines/do more stuff. It’s implied that the director/producer/whoever did it to appeal to fans and get more money, but of course, at the expense of the actors and Zen himself.

More than anything, Zen wants to spend a romantic Christmas with someone who he can love, and receive love in return. dw bby, Reina is there 4 u ~ Like holy cow, it gets super flirty in his convos, very suggestive…!


So, Zen gets in this moment where he really questions why he’s stuck on Christmas rehearsing. Shouldn’t he be happy, as this is what he wants to do…?

Of course, the heart wants what it wants ~ In his ending, Zen slips away from practice for a moment and speeds off in his motorcycle to the charity event. He quickly comes in, avoiding attention and whisks away Reina for some alone time together >__<


*fangirl squeel*



I saved Seven for last as I figured there would be a bit more to his route considering his importance in the main story. Plus it’s always super fun and wacky considering his personality. 🙂

So Seven, out of all the RFA members, really doesn’t like Christmas the most. He usually avoids celebrating it at all, which leaves one to wonder what makes/made him feel like so. Of course, to get hearts from him, you have to see Christmas the same and answer like it’s a rather touchy day for you. It’s implied he has some sort trauma relating to this day, and knowing his main route, it probably has something to do with Saeran as well.

This is confirmed in a visual novel mode where you see Seven trying to give a present for his brother through V. He’s spent so much time being a hacker (and mind you, raising enough money to rescue his brother and himself), that Seven never really bothered to care for Saeran, and wanted to make it up with the present. This requires a lot of context from the main/secret routes, but basically this was when Seven though V and Rika were still taking care of Saeran and keeping him safe. We know that this is not the case at all, and of course, V and Rika end up destroying the present. Boo…


…You can see why Seven doesn’t like Christmas now. But of course, this view begins to change as he and Reina get closer. Instead of seeing it as a bad day, he starts wanting to spend it with her, despite being caught up with hacking. If you hold out enough, Seven will cave and ask you to see him as he heads to the apartment, which means missing the charity event. He makes up for it, though, by showing Reina a spectacular view of fireworks on a rooftop.


Hmm..I don’t know why, but I honestly felt Seven’s ending as super rushed. It wasn’t that satisfying to read and honestly felt shorter than the other endings. It was kind of disappointing. I can’t help but feel like something is held off with Seven, but can’t place my finger on what exaclty is missing.

Final Thoughts

So this is how Cheritz will continue MM, through DLCs! Yay! I’m actually happy about this. Even though in my other post I said I was so done with MM, this DLC was really enjoyable to experience. Granted, I got it totally for free as I still had like, 200 hourglass all stored up. What I did end up doing, though, was giving in and buying Max Speed because there was no way I was re-reading the same stuff 6+ times over, especially as there’s only two days, lmao.

Nonetheless, I highly recommend getting this Christmas DLC if you can, as it’s a lot of new content.

My personal preferences in the routes:

Zen > Jaehee > Unknown (yep) > Yoosung > Jumin > Seven

* I don’t know if Unknown counts, but I put it up there because it was such a good ending, but not in a romantic sense. 🙂

Anyway, I really look forward to more DLCs in the future. What I do hope, is that MM will have more “after ending” stories. I feel like the game spends a lot of time focusing on trying to get together with someone, but not so much afterwards. I want more payoff! Something like, a summer getaway DLC, hmm ~ Who knows.


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