Lyn Plays: Otogi: Spirit Agents (First Impressions)


Developer/Publisher: Mitama Games
Platform(s): Android, iOS
Price: Free, with IAP
Discovery: Google Play Store
Playtime: Approx. 4 hours

Long, long ago, I played this really cool anime card game called Ayakashi: Ghost Guild but kind of lost interest. Well, in April of last year, AGG actually got shut down. Which was a shame, as the game really stood out, especially in terms of theme and my goodness was the art amazing. Too bad a certain *ahem* company really made it quite…pay-to-win, is what I was told.

Well, some of the original developers, backed by fans of the game, got together to create Otogi, AGG’s spiritual (heh) successor.

…Man, this game is extremely similar to AGG, lol. I think even the story is same, just with different characters and settings.


Mira? No, it’s Sola!

Also, one of the sound effects in game is the same exact sound in Cytus when you confirm to select a song. I get so tripped out whenever I hear it, hah.

Anyway, let me give a proper description for anyone that hasn’t played AGG. Otogi is a card collecting/battling game that is based on Japanese folklore of spirits and the exorcists who control and fight them.

You are [insert name here], some clueless college guy who had no idea what to do in life, until you get hit by a bus and die, I guess. Heh. But it was all that strange girl’s fault! Too bad she’s actually a spirit, and you unwittingly get dragged along in the world of oyasum- onmyouji and end up becoming a member of an agency, called the Bureau of the Occult, that handles spiritual disturbances that threaten the mortal world.


So, collect cards and fight with ’em. The more stars, the better, usually. There are three elements: Phantasma, Divina, and Anima. I don’t think it’s explained in Otogi, but in AGG, Phantasma were all the spirits that embody powerful, strong, and even vengeful or hateful emotions. Divina, like their name implies, are often gods or famous historic figures that are regal, protective, courageous, etc. And like the Thunder of the bunch, are the Anima which are often spirits of objects and weapons. Haha jk, there are some pretty strong Anima cards as well.


But not this one.

As much as I’d like to compare Otogi with AGG in-depth, I can’t do much as I was also a noob in AGG as well, haha. I always wanted to really get into the game and tried many times. I even ended up getting a rare card (Typhon, to be exact) and had no idea what I was doing… 😛 But the art…the art was amazing. Too bad I just couldn’t get into the actual gameplay.

Anyhoo, how Otogi improves over AGG is that there’s some cute 3D models of cards now, so you can actually see them slash away at enemies. Oh, and for the cutscenes, there’s voice acting now! Super cool. The battling is pretty straightforward: let your spirits attack, while timing their special abilities for maximum damage. Each ability starts off as costing blue bead thingy (I forgot the name) and increases in value which each use. If you wait a few seconds, the cost will also decrease back in cost.


It seems this game is either kind of new, or just unpopular, as there’s hardly any resources or community out there from what I found. But at least I can kind of get an idea of how good my cards are. When I chose my starter one, I just did it because she had ears and looked cute, lmao. Apparently she’s one of the better options one could get. Next, I kept thinking how close my characters were to dying, and looked to see if there were any healer-types in game. Well there are, but not so much so I thought it’d be a while til I got one. Lo and behold, I did, hah. Finally, just from a free daily summon, I got myself a 5* (highest rarity) already. >__< I’m telling you, my luck with mobile card games is super high, it seems. If that’s where all my luck in life seems to be going, so be it, kek.

Ultimately, though, I see myself losing interest in Otogi the same way I did with Ayakashi so many times. Yeah, there are definitely some new bells and whistles, but from the few hours or so I put into this game, nothing about the core gameplay and progression has really changed. Also, based on the cards I’ve seen so far, the art really isn’t there yet compared to AGG. When I play this game, I really don’t feel any sense of accomplishment in passing the stages or improving my characters, as opposed to Soccer Spirits (which I’m totally loving, still)


Will I keep playing this game? For now, I am, but barely just to do the lunch time summon and a bit of progress. There aren’t even dailies as far as I’m aware of. I can already see that eventually I will just stop playing.


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