Lyn Rambles: Secret 01, 02 & Closing Remarks (Mystic Messenger)


Okay… I’m going to be quite honest. I’m quite done with MM at this point. Plus I have a huge backlog of other games I’ve been meaning to review. But I’ve committed myself to it and will stick out until the end. However, I’m not going to be as in-depth with these Secrets as much as I was in the other routes. They do, however, reveal a lot of backstory behind Mint Eye, V and Rika, while properly tying up the current one with all the RFA members. So yeah, I apologize in advance, but I think I will just reveal the most important parts for both, hah.

To actually unlock Secret 01, you have to achieve the good ending for 707’s route as it pretty much picks up right after the ending of that route. Also, this isn’t really an extra route, just cutscenes one after another. There’s seven episodes in total for both Secrets, and they cost 10 hourglass each. Good thing I had so much left over still from all those updates.. :>

Secret 01

So the After Episode never really happened, and Seven and Reina are still on the road trying to get Saeran back. If you don’t mind, I’m going to gloss over a TON of details and just list out the major things:

• Seven & Reina convince Vanderwood to join their side (while also knocking out Saeran). The four, however, end up being captured by Mint Eye when Saeran slips out and calls for help.

• V used to be involved with Mint Eye, but is now kind of blacklisted.

• Mint Eye is indeed a crazy cult, led by none other than…RIKA. WHO FAKED HER OWN DEATH. mmkay. Something about cleansing impurities in the world, blah blah.


• Rika is nuts. So is V. And Saeran. And everyone in this dang cult.

• Rika was actually the one who ruined V’s eyesight. But the dude still insists on staying with her. I thought Jumin’s route was a trainwreck relationship, but this takes the cake.

• Jumin saves the day with his private helicopter and army of bodyguards. Wooo.

• Too bad Saeran goes ballistic and shoots V. Yes, V dies. Rika is traumatized, despite acting so high and mighty earlier. JFC this story took such a dark turn.


Should I be sad that V died or happy that Rika probably got what she deserved…

…Yeah. There’,  a lot more backstory and details that I left out, but that’s really the gist of it. 🙂

Secret 02

This is the aftermath of all that jazz in Secret 01. It focuses on Saeran’s recovery now having been rescued and most of it is told through his perspective.

It’s crazy how much of the whole cult thing was covered up. So only 707, Reina, and Jumin know the truth. Everyone else was told that V committed suicide, and that Rika was found having been in hiding but now has aphasia. /)__< Oh and here’s Saeran, Seven’s long lost twin brother. They have to be very careful in making sure no outsiders look into either twins’ background too much as guess what? Politician dad is actually the PM now. o_O

• Saeran struggles with therapy and is all around very fussy

• We learn a lot about how Saeran felt being abandoned by Seven


• Though Rika does actually seem to have aphasia, we get small glimpses of her crazy side (shown by her eyes) every now and then

• Yoosung and Zen secretly send Rika off to some sort of treatment facility in ANTARCTICA lul rather than leave her up to whatever Jumin and Jaehee planned to do with her (kind of forgot at this point)

• Saeran still struggles to accept that Seven has actually come back to rescue him, given all those years of hate. All those drugs Mint Eye gave him eventually wear off, though, and he finally comes to realize that yes, this is a happy ending.

• The last scene is, like in the After Episode, of Saeran joining the RFA chatroom, but for real this time!

We get this super cute picture:


Saeran looks so cute 😀 But I just realize how forlorn Yoosung looks rather than his usual smiley self >__<

The end! Again, tons of details glossed over, so there’s much more to it than what I put out. Both of the Secrets were fairly interesting to read, but damn, did the drama hit the roof real quick. Much suspension of disbelief is required, but at that point I was just there to finish up the game. And finish it I did. v__v!

Closing Remarks

It’s been…what? MONTHS since I started this game. Wow. Granted, I took rather lengthy breaks in between each route, but that was definitely way too long for me to commit to one title. >__<

What started off as a refreshing, fun game really took some crazy turns and ultimately left me tired, more than anything, lol. I…I just wanted a feel-good dating game, is that too hard to ask for? T_T However, I’m still amazed that I got to play the entire thing for pretty much free, as the content definitely warrants a full-length game. Got to really give it to Cheritz.

The biggest issue for me, though, is the fact that everything is time-gated. I suppose this was the answer as an alternative to having to pay for the full game. However, it really got to the point (for me, around Zen’s route) where the game just dragged on for soooo long. And to make things worse, they actually removed the Max Speed feature in a later update, so good luck with that. The whole chatroom gameplay started off as a novelty but turned into a gimmick, especially when you’re reading the same stuff for the third time over.

Yet, I do not regret playing Mystic Messenger at all. I still stand by the fact that MM is simply leagues better than all the other female-oriented dating games out there on the mobile market, and that other companies should really pay attention. Overall, it was a good experience, despite taking way longer than I ever would have expected going in (like I literally just saw anime guys and downloaded, LOL). But that’s all, folks ~ Off to the next game.


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