Lyn Rambles: 707’s Route (Mystic Messenger)


Last but certainly not least, we have 707. A very talented hacker and resident troll, 707 (or Luciel, or Seven) is known to always be making jokes, playing pranks, and generally having an aloof attitude. True to Deep Mode, however,  we learn that there is a much more serious and dark side than what Seven lets on.

I mentioned in my main review that I didn’t like 707 too much as it felt like his voice didn’t match. Well, I still hold true to that. But I do admit it was pretty fun playing along with 707 and all of his pranks during the common route. However, once you actually enter his route by Day 4, things go, at least unfun real quick.

Something joked throughout the common routes is the fact that Seven has a maid, by the name of Mary Vanderwood. He posts a picture of himself cross-dressing in a maid costume, though, so no one takes it seriously. I mean, it seems like Seven is pretty rich seeing as he owns luxury cars, so having a maid isn’t too far-fetched. However, we really don’t know much about Seven’s personal life and it’s something even the other RFA members point out. The only real piece of information is that he works as an actual hacker for some sort of “agency” that is never really named.

Anyway, Reina and Seven get real close and have a super fun time joking around in the common route. There’s a point by Day 5 where Seven really considers that what he’s feeling might actually…be…love…? GASP And I was like wow this hookup seems pretty quick. NOPE. He shuts it right down pretty quickly and leaves a lot of the RFA members pretty confused for the most part, as it seemed the two really got along.


This will in fact be the pattern with the rest of the route: Seven just really in denial of even the possibility of a relationship. What he does focus on, instead, is his job and dealing with the recent hackings into the RFA. Seven eventually gets stressed out as his job becomes very demanding when he wants to deal with the hackings ASAP. We can tell, though, that it stems from wanting to keep Reina safe no matter how much he pushes away his feelings. v__v

Another thing. Mary Vanderwood the maid? Turns out that Mary is actually a hitman (-women?? The voice actor is male but the art and awkward translations don’t help). Mary has been sent by the agency to make sure Seven is actually does his job and no, s/he actually doesn’t clean the house. So, it’s pretty clear Seven actually deals with a pretty shady business and is pretty unhappy working for them.


Things escalate when Mr. Edgy breaks into Rika’s apartment again in this route, and Seven pretty much abandons his post even if it means getting into some serious trouble with the rather mob-like agency. It’s from here on out that we really get to learn a lot of about Seven’s past.

Turns out Mr. Edgy is actually Seven’s twin brother. The two grew up in a rather abusive home with a single mother. Actually, the mother gave birth to the twins out of wedlock of a rather powerful politician in the country. She than began using their existence as a means to blackmail the politician, but has become incredibly paranoid that he would one day take them away (or worse).

Furthermore, Seven’s real name is Saeyoung and Mr. Edgy’s name is Saeran. While Seven was a rather quick learner, Saeran had a bit of trouble remembering things and was pretty naive for his age. As a result, he would get in trouble a lot with mum who would then punish him, leading Saeran to cry and the cycle continues. She even keeps Saeran trapped in a makeshift closet, Harry Potter style. Seven promised to study hard to get into a good school and find a way to get both himself and his brother out of the household. In fact, the only reason Seven got into hacking was because he was told by a fellow church-goer that programming was the path to go to make a lot of money. From there he planned to make enough to eventually pay for him and Saeran to move far away from the influence of their parents.


Things, however, take a different turn when Seven (at this point a high schooler I think), runs into V at church. V saw the potential in Seven, learned of his situation, and decided to take him under his wing. In fact, he tells Seven to abandon his name, and to take up a new one. In another flashback we actually learn the reason Seven chose Luciel as his baptismal name. It is the name of Lucifer when he was still an angel. Seven sees it as a caution – as a hacker he as the potential to stray away and go down a very dark path, and makes an effort to always stay as Luciel and avoid becoming Lucifer. It is also V (and Rika) who were able to get Seven into the agency he is in now.


All this time, Seven worked with the agency despite how terrible it was, under the assumption that V and Rika were taking care of Saeran. He was even given pictures and letters written by Saeran from Rika (on a floppy disk no less) to reassure that his brother was doing well. This of course, leads into a total WTF when Seven sees Saeran as Mr. Edgy. Saeran actually has a huge grudge against Seven for abandoning him. Any attempt to reason with Mr. Edgy is futile and again, he threatens to trigger the bomb implemented in the apartment, blowing up everyone/thing in it. Luckily, Seven is able to hastily knock Saeran out, but iirc he escapes. (My memory is fuzzy around this point. Well it kind of is for the whole ramble lmao so I apologize if details are out of order.)

Seven, technically still on the run from Vanderwood, then figures that the best place to hide out is actually the apartment. He decides to really buckle down to pinpoint the location of Mint Eye, based on leads he had beforehand. I think it’s also around this time we get some super creepy flashbacks through Saeran’s perspective. He’s basically tortured and brainwashed into hating Seven and the RFA. Uh. Getting real cult-y vibes here. It’s also at this point that Seven seriously loses all faith in V. This distrust also spreads to the RFA members, and it really doesn’t help that V pretty much decides he is unable to attend the party and becomes totally unavailable.

You’d think being together in an apartment, just the two of them, would lead some real quality time and allow for feelings to develop. Again, Seven really holds out but decides to at least owe Reina an explanation for all that’s going on. (Uh, most of the details I’ve already mentioned above.) His reasoning is that someone like him really doesn’t deserve to be loved. He fears exposing Reina to the dark side of him, considering the troubles he has with his family and the shady business that he deals with with his hacking. Even if it’s just a “persona,” he wants everyone to think of 707 as the jokester type that they’re used to, not this brooding person that is now in front of Reina. However, Zen and Yoosung put it nicely that such a thing isn’t a facade, but also another part of Seven. They can only wish that he overcome what’s in store and will always welcome Seven in the RFA.


So long as you stay faithful, trusting, and supportive of Seven he will eventually realize that he can’t suppress his feelings any longer. In fact, he comes to trust you enough to invite you to infiltrate the Mint Eye HQ together. How romantic. This of course, leads into a bit of a problem as the party is still coming up. No worries, though, as the rest of the RFA members are like “we got chu fam” and take over the party arrangements in place of Reina and V. Especially Jumin and his rich ass.

Once at the HQ, Seven is able to confront Saeran once more, this time showing all the photos and letters on the floppy disk as proof. Saeran, though, is shocked and still in a bit (okay a lot) of denial. He then runs off and locks both Seven and Reina in the room via the security system. Running out of the HQ, he actually runs into Vanderwood, who pretty much kidnaps Saeran thinking the crazy getup is Seven’s weird attempt at trying to hide from him (her?) lmao. Back in the room, Seven and Reina pretty much accept that they won’t be able to make it in time to the party. Seven steadily works his way through and overrides the security system, and the two escape.

Lo and behold who we the run into outside: V! Actually I’m not too surprised. In one of the previous routes I played, it was pretty clear V had some sort of connection to Mint Eye as he was able to safely walk in and talk to people in there, including Saeran. While Seven is probably wishing he could punch V at that moment, it is thanks to him that the two are able to learn that Saeran was kidnapped.

At this point, the party occurs, thanks to the efforts of Jumin, Jaehee, Zen and Yoosung. Unfortunately, Seven and Reina can’t come out, but Seven manages to take over the PA system and make some sort of speech that I’ve totally forgotten at this point, lol. In person, both Reina and Seven are still on the hunt to pinpoint and save Saeran from Vanderwood before anything happens. They vow no matter what to get Saeran back, and to hopefully have him, and all the members of RFA, live happily ever after. Yeeappp…

The epilogue/After Episode then takes place a bit after, and it is assumed that not only have Reina and Seven located Saeran, but he has now joined the RFA! Whoo! Furthermore, Seven managed to get some incriminating info on the agency, and was able to release it to the public in order to expose them. Finally, not only did the couple get married, but they work together and have opened Seven’s dream toy shop. LOL.



Quite the happy ending, don’t cha think? Well TOO BAD, cuz then at the very end you get a total “wake up” moment. Mr. Edgy appears on the screen, and tells Seven that this is all just a fantasy. In reality, he and Reina still haven’t found Saeran, and nothing has changed. The epilogue ends, and my face was just :[] whut.

Final Thoughts

Before we get into whatever that ending was, uh, let’s talk about the route. It seems for both Deep Mode routes, the guys like to really hold out on da feels save for the last few days. It feels pretty rushed when I expect a bit more from, you know, a dating game. Honestly, it’s safer to say at this point that MM is more of a visual novel with romance elements, actually. Also, (minor thing), we didn’t get to attend the party! Boo!

Anyway, what I do appreciate, though, is the fact that the conflicts in this route felt a bit more believable. Okay, it’s still pretty dramatic with the whole abusive mother, secret agency thing but, still. I liked it more than the annoying girls in Jumin’s and Zen’s routes. We also got a TON of info about the overarching story about Mint Eye. I think we really are getting closer to finding out about it.

Actually, I did not expect Seven to really be the “main” protag of the game. But man, I should have known. Ahem, let me point out my “Theory of Red” sheet:


Red = titular main dude. 100% fact.

Because there’s NO WAY that was just the ending. There has to be more, and it just happens to be tied to Seven.

In fact, I counted on there being secrets unlocked, and I just notice that Secret 01 opened up. 🙂 🙂 🙂 So it seems I will be typing up two or three more posts about MM before I can finally wrap it all up. Whew, it’s been a long ride, with the end close in sight ~


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    • Lyn says:

      From left to right: Otoya Ittoki from Uta no Prince-sama (visual novel/anime), Shin from Amensia (visual novel), Nobunaga Oda from Samurai Love Ballad Party (mobile otome game), 707 :), Alyn Crawford from Midnight Cinderella (mobile otome game), …the Red Ranger (Jason) from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers lol, and Choi from Soccer Spirits (mobile “card” game). The last two are jokes!


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