Lyn Rambles: Jaehee’s Route (Mystic Messenger)


Oh lawd. So when I thought Jaehee was a possible dating route, I couldn’t help but think, “how progressive” and really wondered how the game would tackle that… Welp… Anyway, let’s just get on to the ramble.

Ah, poor Jaehee. Throughout all of the routes you can tell just how much of a hardworking person she is, and how unreasonable Jumin is for a boss, lol. Out of all the routes, I found Jumin to be extra-douchey this time.

I’m going to be quite honest here. At this point I’m definitely feeling the fatigue of playing this game nonstop for all the routes. Common route was completely done via max speed mode, something which I’ve been informed will be removed in the future for “non VIPs,” whatever that means. Even as I got to the main route, though, I just didn’t feel the excitement/enjoyment of reading any of it anymore. *shrugs* If I had to gauge just how uneventful this route was, it’d be a little worse than Yoosung, no joke. At least his made up for cuteness and puppy love. Jaehee has…..FRIENDSHIP.


BFFLs now.

Yes, you cannot actually date her. You can only be really close friends. :)… So anyway, Jaehee’s route begins when she has major stress from nasty tryant Jumin and his ridiculous requests. He pretty much expects her to do the work of being an assistant plus full-time project planner when, you know, she only signed up for one thing.

In fact, Jumin is punished by Daddy Han for taking an unexpected day off by throwing some sort of coffee business project onto him. What does Jumin do? Pass it off Jaehee to deal with, of course. Oh, and this is on top of asking Jaehee to plan out some weird cat hotel project just cuz he said so. This obviously stresses her out, so be real supportive of her and encourage Jaehee through rather troublesome times ~ ^^

The two of you will also find a common interest in, well, being fans of Zen, lol. In Zen’s route, you really had to fight to convince everyone that visiting him during his accident was the best option, while in this one you must push to have Jaehee visit. To be honest, at this point (Day 5ish) I was starting to really feel the lack of romance in this route, and was like – maybe I could play wing-women to hook up Jaehee and Zen together? lol.

Jaehee ends up staying over at Zen’s place, but nothing (romantic, at least) comes from it. What we do learn is a bit more about her past. If I recall correctly, her father was never in the picture and her mother passed away when she was around seven. As a result, Jaehee grew up with her aunt and uncle from er…I think the mother’s side of the family. Okay, details are really fuzzy at this point, sorry, as I barely paid attention + it’s been a while. :p From flashbacks you could tell the aunt especially felt Jaehee as a burden and basically wanted her to be a mini-adult, or better yet, out of the house.


It’s so cute whenever she uses a smiley face. 🙂

Even with Zen literally next to her, all Jaehee can really focus on are getting projects done. But now we know why: Jaehee felt the pressure from her relatives and strove to do well in school, getting into university, and having a good career. This is why she tries so hard as an assistant, despite being rather burdened. Jaehee ultimately values responsibility even if that means putting her own feelings aside.

Another thing to notice is that Jaehee surprisingly finds interest in working on the coffee project, but at the expense of not focusing on the cat business which is a huge no-no for Jumin. Of course, continue being the wonderful and supportive friend that you are. Yoosung and Zen also offer encouragement, and Seven even volunteers to help with the cat project by working on the presentation slides on behalf of Jaehee (lol). Or rather, Zen persuades him to do so in exchange for paying to re-fuel all of Seven’s luxury cars. How a low-key musical actor can afford that is beyond me, but whatever.

Tensions rise between Jumin and Jaehee. On the day of the cat project presentation, you can tell some of the slides were obviously made by Seven and that Jaehee really didn’t put much effort into it. The final straw was in having (GASP) Longcat as the main mascot instead of Elizabeth. As Jumin has a nerve to call Jaehee out on it, she finally decides to resign. Wooooooo. In fact, I don’t think Jumin had the balls to actually fire her and sees getting a new one a huge burden. You also learn that the only reason Jaehee has short hair and wears glasses is because Jumin likes it that way. WTF. I am so done with this guy.


You go, girl.

Jumin is pissed, annoyed, and left in a rut. Serves you right, ya fool. HE EVEN CONSIDERS HAVING REINA AS THE NEW ASSISTANT hahahaha no. Like a spoiled brat that he is, Jumin actually takes all frustration out at Seven, or rather, his babes (cars). Yes, he somehow forces his way over to Seven’s place and hijacks one of the cars. As someone who has been probably driven around his whole life and never gotten a license, the following result is expected:



But it’s a-okay cuz guess what, the dude’s rich and pays fully for a replacement in cash plus for insurance and what-not. Lol. Meanwhile, Jaehee is having the time of her life, sleeping in, having brunch with Zen, and thoroughly enjoying life without a shitty boss.

On another note, we learn a bit more about the hacker group, which I should know by now is called Mint Eye. It was mentioned earlier how V somehow was related to them, and it is confirmed in this route. V is able to actually just walk into their HQ and confront someone to back off, and things are resolved…for now. But I’m left with more questions than answers. T_T Like with Zen’s route, it’s revealed just how sick V is (possibly about to pass away, even). He can’t even make it to the party, and it’s slightly alluded that he’s content with dying if it means joining Rika…I really hope I get some revelations once I clear this game, as there’s too many loose ends at this point.

So anyway, Day 11. I’m back to 17 guests again, lol. The party scene for Jaehee’s route is relatively short. The only major thing happening is Jumin pulling Reina away, musing with the thought of having her as an assistant (howboutno) while Jaehee saves her by putting the spotlight and crowd onto Jumin. She then approaches Reina and asks her to be her partner in opening a bakery together! Eeeee, it’s so cute. In the epilogue, poor Yoosung is stuck as Jumin’s assistant for his internship lol. The men of the RFA also decide to visit Jaehee and Reina’s store, and you even see Jaehee with her hair grown out! 🙂


Final Thoughts

For the most part, this route was pretty okay. But the whole friendship ordeal was pretty bland, and there are hardly any conflicts whatsoever here, with Jaehee’s past just briefly touched upon. …I don’t know, I really don’t have much to say for this route, lol. I do look forward to Seven. You know what, I’ll just leave this funny screenshot here:


Yoosung, your very profile picture shows your Student ID and it says Veterinary Science.


3 thoughts on “Lyn Rambles: Jaehee’s Route (Mystic Messenger)

    • Lyn says:

      The full sentence implies that Yoosung’s route was pretty uneventful and isn’t directed towards Yoosung himself! If you compare it to all the drama that happens with Zen, Jumin, and Seven, these two are the more “normal” routes. He is definitely a sweetheart. (Especially in the Valentine’s Day after episode!)


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