Lyn Rambles: Jumin’s Route (Mystic Messenger)


So I just completed Jumin Han’s route in Mystic Messenger. I initially planned to combine all the routes into one giant post, but seeing how much I ended up writing, I think they deserve their own.  Unlike my review, I’m going to be spoiler-rific with the deets, so reader beware! >:D

So, riding off the sugar-laden puppyfest that is Yoosung’s route, I decided to go for Jumin because that’s who I initially aimed for (not knowing about the Deep Mode.) …His route is like the exact opposite, lol. I guess it’s called Deep Mode ‘cuz these guys have way more deep-seeded issues. It also comes with a TON of visual novel scenes compared to the Normal Mode.

As I said in my review, Jumin is so matter-of-fact that it comes off as emotionless to the point of offending others. The RFA members have even joked of him actually being a robot. In his route, you actually learn that this is due to Jumin’s environment growing up. He stopped caring about expressing emotions because he realized that the emotions of those around him were not genuine either. People would praise Jumin and say anything to please him due to his status and wealth.

Another issue Jumin has is his supposed lack of interest in women. Jumin says that his father, Han Sr., is actually a good parent but his one flaw is that he is constantly going through women. (For clarity, I’m going to refer to Jumin’s dad as Mr. Chairman) To make matters worse, the women are always the gold-digging type. In his lifetime, Jumin has seen countless amounts of girlfriends, all who have only seen him as a means to an end.

The third issue (yesit’snotover) is Jumin’s obsession with his cat, Elizabeth 3rd. At first I was like, oh, how cute, he really likes cats…but no. I think if he could, Jumin would have married Elizabeth. It’s borderline unhealthy, but you eventually find out why. Keep in mind that Rika and V were the only two people in Jumin’s life that he’s been able to open up/get close to. So it turns out Rika was the one who got Jumin the cat companion to begin with, and V was the one who named her Elizabeth 3rd. However, Jumin eventually comes to realize that what he seeks is far more than what Elizabeth can offer, as she is only an animal. What he really needs is a person to confide in and stay by his side; someone he can love and receive love in return…and that’s where Reina comes in, right?! o/


The main conflict of this route, then, comes when an older celebrity by the name of Glam Choi (lol) becomes Mr. Chairman’s next girlfriend. Somehow, Choi is able to convince Mr. Chairman to divorce is current wife (third one? idk) and immediately plan an engagement and wedding on the way. Wow. Choi even attempts to set Jumin up with a “student” of her’s, Sarah, who is equally as callous and all around bad juju. >:T Jumin, obviously, is having none of that, but is concerned over just how manipulative and far the two are willing to go to achieve their goals. This includes spreading rumors about Jumin and Jaehee dating, barging into homes/private meetings as they please, and even threatening to do something to Elizabeth 3rd!!!

Things escalate when Jumin truly fears for Elizabeth’s safety and buys the BIGGEST CAGE (omfg) he can find to keep her in, so he can always keep his eyes on her. Uh.



Not only that but you get the most depressing monologue ever where Jumin pretty much implies he’s always had feelings for Rika. But you know…she was V’s fiancee… I suppose what you’ll learn eventually is that everyone being royally f***ed up by Rika somehow seems to be a common theme.

Then Jaehee has the great idea of sending Reina over to Jumin’s penthouse, believing she’s the one person who could probably calm him down (and get him back to work). Wow, Reina finally gets to leave the apartment! It’s a great idea at first, and Jumin even makes an effort to read her bedtime stories and make stawberry pancakes for breakfast. 😀 However, Elizabeth suddenly escapes and books it outta the penthouse, leading everyone in a panic trying to find her. Jumin’s paranoia dials up to 11 and I start getting some yandere vibes from him… ^^;;;;;

Lo and behold Sarah rears her ugly head claiming to have found Elizabeth…only for the cat to be a look-a-like. Damn how shallow can you be gurl. Jumin pretty much shuts Sarah down for good and in the heat of the moment spills all his pent-up feelings for Reina, culminating in a rather aggressive kiss, as is tradition in k-drama. I highly suggest popcorn for this scene.


My goodness, the floodgates are open once you two become a couple, and Jumin is quick to begin devoting all he can to you! Oh boy am I ready for some romance, finally. Took ‘im long enough, right? ……….


…I F&*#CKING KNEW IT. THE CAGE. THAT WAS A HUGE SIGN. WTF. (Amnesia flackbacks). If Toma was any indication, we all know what happens when you repress feelings for too long. Jumin goes full yandere with even the thought of you trying to leave his penthouse. On one hand he says things like “I know I shouldn’t be so overprotective” then goes ahead and says “I know in time you will be completely mine.” Ha..hahaha… I want to get off Mr. Han’s Wild Ride now, please.



Now that Elizabeth’s gone the notion of Reina being the “replacement” is in the air and it’s quite scary, actually. The RFA members kind of pick up on what’s going on, more so if you want to be blunt about it, but not much is actually done. The creepy part? For a lot of these choices no matter what you pick, you will get a purple heart, even if it’s blatantly “LET ME GO.” whadafawk.


blushing profile pic + creepy status = ???

Basically, you will spend the remaining four days in the penthouse no matter what. As much as I didn’t really like the options, I knew to get the good ending you basically had to be the obedient housewife… Even though…you know, I’m not even sure what this relationship is. *groan*

By around Day 9 the other RFA members are starting to be thoroughly concerned as to why Reina hasn’t returned to the apartment yet. As usual, Jumin really doesn’t care, only talks to Reina pretty much, and is off spewing romantic stuff which would be nice if it weren’t for the fact that Reina’s currently trapped against her will-ish.


I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel.

At this point you’re probably thinking TIME TO ABORT, but wait – hear me out first. I think this game actually addresses it rather maturely…in that it’s clear Jumin knows he’s going “a bit” overboard. In a scene he reveals that he can’t help but feel this way – it’s clearly wrong and he can’t help having these “dark thoughts,” but in finally realizing how much he loves Reina he can’t help but be scared of losing her too on top of Elizabeth. It’s a constant struggle, especially for someone who’s not used to expressing emotions at all and, well, you can’t really expect someone like Jumin to get it right overnight. Especially when Mr. Moneybags is so used to always getting his way. So long as you pick the dialogue choices where you are understanding and supportive of him, Jumin will eventually calm down and become more trusting once things start getting resolved.

Just like in Yoosung’s route, Seven and Yoosung head out to the hacker’s headquarters to figure out what’s going on and who’s the one threatening the RFA. They even find Elizabeth there (just like in Zen’s dream). But yeah, not much else is revealed in this route either, so I think you’ll have to play all of them and probably unlock a secret route just to get the full picture.

So, now that things are solved, Reina can go back home now, right? NUP, Jumin doesn’t even want Elizabeth back as he feels like he failed as an owner. He wants V to take care of her, actually, and even reveals that Elizabeth reminds him too much of Rika which is unfair when he now has Reina. Uh. Whether or not Jumin had romantic feelings for Rika in the past is still up in the air, but at this point I’m so checked out I really don’t care anymore. I was able to convince Jumin to take Elizabeth back, however, so he, Elizabeth and Reina can live *happily ever after*, I guess.


One thing I’m starting to learn about Rika is that she’s kind to the point of being too idealistic.

At this point you’re still at the penthouse, but Jumin totally promises to let you go back for realisies this time so long as he sends you off with a farewell lunch. I think more so than safety he just doesn’t want to let you go out of selfishness, lol. Whaddya know, work piles up and with all that traffic Jumin doesn’t exactly come home until nighttime so it’s dinner instead of lunch. It’s not until the night before the party that Reina finally makes it back to the apartment.

Finally. Day 11, the actual party. I actually did worse this time. I got 17 guests again, so A rating, but a lot of them were “partially” convinced (indicated by color, Green -> Red -> Shiny Blue). Part of it comes from the fact that a lot of suggested guests this time were harder to understand. I probably should have googled some stuff.

Anyway, like with Yoosung’s route, the man of the hour is able to take the stage and give a rather emotional speech. You finally found out why Jumin bothered to invited Mr. Chairman, Glam Choi, Sarah and all the reporters out – to oust Choi and Sarah for the scum they really are! (And declare his love to Reina, wowow.) It turns out Sarah is actually Glam Choi’s sister, not just student. As expected, their only reason in getting close to the Han’s is for the money to recover their crippling dept from their failed ventures. Mr. Chairman is totally flabbergasted.

This turns into a “GIANT SCOOOP~” and the poor RFA members are left trying to contain the chaos that just erupted cuz screw the party amiright, lol. And what does Jumin do? Casually walk over, and propose to Reina. Wowowowow. THE END. YEAP.


The epilogue actually starts off as a chatroom with the other four RFA members pretty much catching up on things since the party, and heading out together to see Reina and Jumin arrive back from their honeymoon. The two are now a big celebrity couple, lol, but Jumin is sure to make things as comfortable for his cute wife as possible.


I forgot to mention just how pissed off/jealous Zen is this entire route lol.

Final Thoughts

Sweet. Baby. Jesus. Jumin’s route is such a huge contrast to Yoosung’s. “Deep Mode” is an understatement. For one, it took longer to actually get together (day 8). Before then the route was pretty bland, given Jumin’s personality, but then shoots up and explodes the k-drama-meter towards the final days, and let’s not forget the yandere we all know and love. And if you can survive all that sh*tstorm, congratulations, you actually end up in a (probably) functional relationship, plus the dude’s rich! Compare this to Yoosung’s route where it was fairly cute and innocent for the most part and just sweet throughout. ;A;


One thing that bothered me the most were the choices you had to make in this route. It really went against my personality, but you had to do it cuz gotta get dem purple hearts and you knew it’s what Jumin would like. And a lot of times they ignore the various situations the other RFA members are in just to bring the convo back to Jumin. (RIP Jaehee.) It really got annoying at times so occasionally I would choose the other option just to make the group happier. And the obviously wrong choices were just, so, so bad and cringe-y just to read because of how incredibly shallow/selfish/creepy they could be.

And if you need a TLDR , I made this nice little graphic:


Oh, and I forgot this:


Yes, marbles. The ones Jumin lost ‘cuz he be cray.

Peace. Off ta’ Zen now.

PS. Repeat after me. Cages are big no-no.


5 thoughts on “Lyn Rambles: Jumin’s Route (Mystic Messenger)

  1. Eleska says:

    OMG I’m doing his route right now and got to the point where Jumin’s freaking me out (day 8). It’s funny because everything escalated REALLY QUICKLY. The way he starts speaking about MC like she’s his property is too much for me xDD I hope girls who play this game don’t think this is romantic or cute in any way; i know it’s just a game but it kind of worries me because in real life I would move to another country as fast as I can as soon as he says “Hope you are not thinking of leaving”, just too creepy for me lol

    Glad I found your opinion here, I needed to know I was not the only one who thought things were getting out of hands at this point xD Let’s see what my final thoughts are when I finish his route!


    • Lyn says:

      Having finished the game at this point, I have to say that Jumin’s route definitely was the most exciting, haha. I found myself checking every hour or so just to see if a chatroom appeared because I wanted to know what happened next.

      Personality aside, I still think Jumin is the best looking. :> Plus he’s rich ~


  2. Elina Yap says:

    Now I wonder if he is actually putting his feelings for Rika on the MC. ._. I am still playing Zen’s route so I don’t know the whole story, but for some reason he seems to like Rika more than MC for me. Is that true in your opinion? :O


    • Lyn says:

      …I honestly think so as well. That he’s projecting his feelings of Rika onto MC. Part of me wants to believe that it was the case in the beginning, and changes later as Jumin starts seeing MC for her own self….but who knows! One thing’s for sure, Jumin really has a lot to learn when it comes to being a good partner and having a proper relationship, haha.


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