Lyn Rambles: Jumin’s Route (Mystic Messenger)


So I just completed Jumin Han’s route in Mystic Messenger. I initially planned to combine all the routes into one giant post, but seeing how much I ended up writing, I think they deserve their own.  Unlike my review, I’m going to be spoiler-rific with the deets, so reader beware! >:D

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Lyn Reviews: Mystic Messenger (Full Review)


Developer/Publisher: Cheritz Corporation
Platform(s): Android, iOS
Price: Free, with IAP
Discovery: Suggested app in Google Playstore
Playtime: Approx. 6 hours

From the company that brought you Dandalion – Wishes Brought to You – and Nameless ~ The one thing you must recall ~, comes Cheritz’s third title and first mobile game, Mystic Messenger. MM breaks away from the usual otome dating-game style in that the story is experienced via chatrooms, texting, emails, and even phone calls!

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