Lyn Reviews: Amnesia: Memories (Full Review)


Developer/Publisher: Otomate (Idea Factory)/Idea Factory
Platform(s): Windows, Android, iOS, PSP
Price: $29.99
Discovery: Blog
Playtime: 16 hours

Amnesia: Memories is a dating simulation aimed for a female audience (otome) – and NOT in any way related to the horror titles (heh, that’s staying uninstalled…forever).

Basically, you’re a girl (who I’ve named Reina but will call R for simplicity) who’s lost her memories due to suddenly becoming inhabited by a spirited named Orion..! (Or something.) Your job is to enter one of four (eventually five) worlds and to, of course, recover your memories while Orion and your hottie of choice helps you out. Now…mind you as with any otome game/shoujo series, a hefty dose of suspension of disbelief is required to enjoy them. I suppose it’s like a guilty pleasure dessert…don’t think – seriously – and just feast on all the eye candy. 🙂

Take any summary I have with a grain of salt because my memory of the story is already fuzzy, lmao. Also take note I’m leaving a whole bunch of details out that’s best left to find out by actually playing the game, or by finding a better review or something, hah.

Anyway, here’s the order I played the routes in:


Ikki – Resident playboy with out-of-this world looks and the personality to back it up. Apparently he made a wish as a child that resulted in him having god eyes that will instantly make anyone who looks into them fall in love. This has gotten Ikki into a fair amount of trouble, and he’s pretty much given up any hope of having a serious relationship. In turn, he has a rule in place that he will date any girl for three months and then cleanly break up with her, giving everyone a fair chance. R initially fell for him through those eyes, and joined his fan club (whose members are batshit insane, btw) knowing this. However, the two genuinely begin to fall in love as R is somehow is no longer affected by the eyes, and must date in secret while avoiding suspicions from said fan club.


Toma – One year older than R, Toma acts as an older brother to R and Shin as the three are childhood friends. He’s known to be a very kind and hard-working individual, but play the the game enough and you’ll realize that something just feels… off. It’s actually pretty sad. Toma is so used to being shafted to the side in other routes and constantly having an unrequited love, while still being the older brother figure that he just kind of loses a couple screws..lmao. Toma’s main route is a huge misunderstanding. Ikki’s crazy fan girls suspect R in dating Ikki so they bully her to no end. And it’s bad, like filling her mailbox with dead bugs, pretending to be her while soliciting perverts, and of course sending death threats. Toma tries to hide R from this while cleaning up the messes and gathering evidence against the fan girls. However, he becomes increasingly paranoid and it goes from “you should stay at my house because it’s safer” (okay! ^_^) to “I need you to stay in this cage because NOWHERE IS SAFE” (WHAT THE ACTUAL -). He seems to have no qualms over drugging, imprisonment, and even straight up murder, lol. (That’s not red ink, Toma.)


I had the same reaction, Orion.




Kent – THE ONE NORMAL ROUTE IN THIS GAME. Kent is the all brains, no heart type of dude who’s very smart, but has trouble expressing emotions and often lets logic take over a bit too much. Despite all the bickering he and R do, Kent somehow falls for R and asks her out abruptly. R actually accepts just to prove a point on how love trumps all or something and not because she had feelings for him…iunno. But of course that changes! The main conflict in this route is that Kent must prepare for a big presentation at a conference that could ultimately decide his career, but cannot help but worry about how rocky his relationship with R is, on top of other issues.What I liked about this route is that they actually do normal couple things, like holding hands and going on dates, and stuff. The amount of times I was just “awwwing” over what Kent says was a ton, and I really enjoyed this route.


One of the very few scenes where R doesn’t look like a stupified dead fish.

Shin – I saved Shin for last of the four (heh) because he’s sort of the poster boy for the game and has been my desktop screensaver for a while..  ;). Anyway, let’s just say I was pretty let down after playing Kent’s route. ‘Tis no longer a dating game this route, but a mystery/detective game as Shin & co. try to find out who the culprit is that pushed and hurt R during a mountain lodge vacation, or something-something. Shin is very analytical and can lie with a straight face even toward policemen. As a childhood friend, he’s used to teasing and making fun of R despite trying to be more serious and affectionate as they’re now dating. Sometimes it comes off a bit too blunt and cold-hearted. Shin definitely has his own ways of showing his feelings, though, but the whole detective story takes up so much of it (like he’s actually in jail for a good amount of time, lol) that there’s not many scenes with the two actually spending time together. Also the actual culprit and handling of said discovery is really…surreal…to say the least.20160519221218_1.jpg

Ukyo – The fifth character whose route can only be unlocked after you achieve the Good Ending for all previous four. It is in this route that a majority of the story and explanation is revealed, and boy it’s…pretty depressing. Like if you thought Toma is sad this is much more. Ukyo is quite literally caught in a cycle of dying or killing, though I won’t reveal much else. He’s a bit of a free-spirit and a klutz, yet deeply caring…when he’s sane. I think just finding out about the story really makes you appreciate this route and the game as a whole, but not in an “aww that’s cute” but an “oh man, that’s heavy” sense, haha. Overall, a really nice wrap-up to end the game.

Order of preference for GUYS: (ORION IS BAE >) Toma > Ukyo > Kent > Shin > Ikki
I did not realize how much I like crazy guys with sad backstories until I played this game. lmao… Who am I kidding, I knew well into buying this game, keke.

Order of preference for ROUTES: Kent ♥  > Ukyo > Ikki > Shin > Toma
I rated this on the amount of awwww moments in each route, because that’s the whole point of a dating sim, right? Though Amnesia is definitely not your typical one… As much as I like Toma as a person (don’t shoot me) his route was utter BS.

The Good

+ …”art.” My driving force and the main reason I play dating games in the first place… 🙂amnesia.png+ Kent.

+ Given how much I rag on some of routes I actually really enjoyed most of them. There good moments and character development for all of the worlds, even in Toma’s. My kokoro, man.

The Bad

– Petty drama/misunderstandings/cheap reasons to drive a story. Like holy cow those fan girls are annoyingly insane. There is some redemption, though, as both Toma and Ikki eventually confront them throughout the routes.



– …”art.” The background art is pretty bad. I get that this was originally made for the PSP at like *googles* 480 x 272 resolution, but…seriously:


ENHANCE. (This is how it is at 1080p, no actual “enhancing.”)

– The main character is practically a cardboard cut-out. She has very little interaction in general and probably has like 30 lines in total, or something (exaggerated). A majority of the story is told/explained through Orion and hottie-of-your-choice and very rarely does main character actually say things, save for the times where she actually remembers something as a flashback or has a very small monologue. It doesn’t help that 80% of the scenes with her have R looking…uh, very spaced out. Would it hurt to smile a bit more?




• Explain what the Parameters tab is supposed to mean, make it more meaningful, or take it out. I’m so confused…


I’m aware they have SOME tie to the decisions I make but I pretty much gave up trying to check on it at some point. There’s no real indication or…apparent consequence…?

•I would give more of an incentive in playing the mini-games, like unlock-able lines or CGs or something.

• Better backgrounds. It shouldn’t take much…

Final Thoughts

Let’s face it. Amnesia: Memories is going to get pretty low ratings from an objective standpoint as a game. I think otome games in general seem to have a pretty low bar but my library/experience isn’t that big, so who knows. HOWEVER, as I mentioned earlier, with this genre you just gotta not think and enjoy the eye candy. I don’t regret playing this at all, at least for the price I paid… ~ If the fan-discs ever get translated I *might* play those.


• Gameplay – 4/10 I was initially going to give this an NA ‘cuz what gameplay but then realized that there are in fact mini games just thrown in. Loosely related to events in the routes, they really serve no purpose other than being…there. But of course I played them ‘cuz achievements. I also give this a low score because some decision choices really make no sense but you gotta ‘cuz endings. :T I’m also gonna throw in Parameters because I finished the game and still have no idea what they do or convey.

• Story/Concept – 8/10 Typically amnesia is such a cliche to pull out but I feel like this game pulled it off…okay. It had a good overarching story. (The last CG you get really hits the feels.)

• Graphics/Art – 7/10 Part of me wants to give this a 10/10 because bishies hehe…and then I’m reminded of the backgrounds. I’m not sure why they couldn’t just have actual art for backgrounds but opted for something straight up of Day 1 Photoshop boot camp or something. GRADIENT, HO. I don’t even have to zoom to just see the pixels.

• Audio/Sound/BGM – 7/10 Seiyuus…hnnnngg. I wish there was more BGM though and sound effects were virtually non-existent. Also, nice theme songs, all two of ’em. /sorta s

• Bang-for-your-buck3/10 I would never buy this at full price, and got it for $4.99 during the Anime Steam Sale. And it wasn’t even my five bucks – it was a part of a gift card!



3 thoughts on “Lyn Reviews: Amnesia: Memories (Full Review)

    • Lyn says:

      I think he kind of lost it after being a “nice guy” for so long, lol. Toma, when not, you know, totally triggered and insane, seems like a dependable and caring guy – though mopey at times. Whether or not that’s worth the risk of dating him, though, I kind of doubt. What aggravated me more was the whole route being centered on bullying (through a misunderstanding!) and the fact that you spent so much of it forced to stay inside not being able to do much. Luckily the other routes made up for it (cept maybe Shin’s route…). 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      • ToreishiNoblesse says:

        I know! It ticked me off more than anything they had mutual feelings and if she would have just bloody said something from the start none of that would have happened, but nooo he has to go all yandere rape-face. >_<
        Great post btw! dunno if I mentioned that.

        Liked by 1 person

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