Lyn Rambles: Rhythm Games

The amount of music I listen to on a daily basis is pretty high – and yes, I do have a rather lengthy gaming playlist. So in combination of both music and video games is a genre that I’ve played much titles of over the years. In this Ramble I’m going to cover each one~

Audition Online


Ahh, Audition. I can comfortably say I’ve put at least a thousand hours into this game. If you thought osu! (which I will talk about later) had a lot of modes, Audition beats it many times over.

The main game involves typing out a sequence of arrows shown on the screen, and you must do it properly or have to restart from the beginning. On top of that, once you were done you had to press space to the beat of the song. Scoring depends on how closely you matched to the beat, ranging from Miss, Bad, Cool, Great, and Perfect. Getting a Perfect chain was one of the best sounds you could ever hear…and it is thanks to Audition that I can go around saying, “Yeah…that sounds like 150 BPM.”


I revisited this game just to bring you these screenshots.

One of my favorite modes was actually a fairly unpopular one called One-Two Party, where you had to follow the movement of the NPC in a sort of Simon Says style. So for example, the NPC would call out “8!” and raise one of their arms up, which corresponds to the position of 8 on the numpad. You’d have to repeat what the NPC says even down to the pauses in between each number!

Anyway, with a F2P MMO rhythm game, how does it make money? Answer: clothes. Lots…and lots…and lots…of clothes. You could legitimately spend hours on this game in dressing up your avatar alone with the sheer amount of options at hand. While there were free options (with currency earned from actually playing the game), an overwhelming majority of it was premium.


#1 Fashion Simulator out there.

Okay, no big deal, since it doesn’t effect gameplay. I wouldn’t be bothered.

Yeah, buddy, that’s what I thought at first too. Dancing aside, the heart of this game lies in the social aspect, really. And me being an impressionable teen at the time really felt pressured when practically EVERYONE looked so nice. I’m not ashamed to say I spent a good couple hundred on this game, because man, did I look fab… 😀

While the game has definitely seen better days, Audition Online is still up and running now. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it was held up solely on the wallets of the “whales” that regularly spend money each month – but whatever floats their boats!

Favorite song to play: You’re Already Gone (150 BPM), especially on Beat Up mode

Dance Groove Online

Got in beta, didn’t like it. How is it do-oh it shut down pretty quickly. No surprise. I also just found out EA worked on this game…lol. Anyway, coming from Audition, the main gameplay of DGO was just way too simple and unchallenging.

[I have no images for this game nor desire to find one.]

A funny memory I did have was that I made my character super small for the lulz and happened to dress her in a green outfit. Someone called me a Keebler elf, lmao.

Favorite song to play: don’t remember

Dance Dance Revolution (EXTREME)

Probably the most well-known of the genre, DDR can be found across many platforms and is a staple for any arcade. It’s a fun party game to play, though I could never find myself getting the hang of it beyond Standard. Music is great. Semantics aside, there’s always certain songs that just scream “DDR music.”

Favorite song to play: Sakura


The free and keyboard-friendly version of DDR. Between the dance pad, controller, and keyboard, I found myself most at home mashing keys, but once again, never did too well no matter how much I enjoyed playing. I actually felt like I did better just making maps than playing them. 🙂

Stepmania never ceases to amaze me in the ability for people to come up and beat some of the most difficult beat maps. Case in point:


No, this gif is not sped up. (AGDQ 2016 Stepmania Showcase)

Favorite song to play: don’t remember


The main mode for osu! never really appealed to me, but I really liked osu!mania. To be honest, there’s not much to say for this game despite how popular it is, really. A good portion of my friends do play it. It does have a great UI, in my opinion.


I tried. I really did. qq

Favorite song to play: don’t remember

Just Dance (4)

Funny story: unlike every other family I knew, mine did not have a Wii for the longest time. In fact, we eventually caved and bought ours only a month or so before the release of the Wii U when we definitely had no reason to. Just Dance 4 just happened to be bundled with the console, and remains the only game we have on it. 🙂

Anyway, we definitely had a fun time with the selection that was available, but that can only last for so long and we were too stingy to actually pay for more songs, goodness.

Favorite song to play: Oh No!



Hands own my favorite mobile game of all time. I was there from the early beginning of the Million download promotion, and true to the company’s words, Rayark released each chapter for free with every 100,000 paid purchase, and then some. The overall polish of the game, from visuals, to gameplay, to amazing song selection, makes it too good to be true when I say most of the game is free. Over a hundred songs, for free!

The gameplay consists really of…uh, popping bubbles, with a few other movements. It might sound simple, but really isn’t, especially for the faster songs.


There’s also an overarching story though it’s very loosely put together and definitely up to interpretation. My understanding is that it is set in the future where humans can upload their memories and associated emotions through a machine, Cytus,  that is run by androids called Operators. I won’t spoil the rest, but one can treat each song (with sets divided up into chapters) as a memory, so to speak, and playing them is you revisiting said memory through Cytus.

Anyway, I consider myself a casual gamer, and stick to the normal or even easy modes for most games. But Cytus is one of the few that I just have a knack for. I made it a goal to 100% every song for both easy and hard modes, and thought I was doing pretty well until the monster that is Freedom Drive. Overall, great game and a must have for any fan of the rhythm game genre.


Definitely have gotten rusty.

Favorite song to play: Entrance (hard)



Also made by Rayark, Deemo is the piano-filled sister to Cytus and features gameplay closer to that of osu!mania. You have to tap the notes once they hit the bottom of the screen. Some of my friends have said that this should be easier than Cytus but hasn’t been true for me. A cool thing about Deemo is that it has a pretty interesting story that is, like Cytus, not told explicitly, leaving plenty of room for fan theories. The art is also very cute!


Favorite song to play: Wings of Piano

Crypt of the NecroDancer


Crypt of the NecroDancer seems to have everything right. Badass name? Check. Unique and fun gameplay? Check. Amazing music and awesome visuals? Check and check.

Crypt is an indie game that mashes music with RPG as you must find your way through the levels by defeating monsters as you move to the rhythm of the currently playing song. The trick is to learn the movement patterns of your enemies and to move accordingly, as you utilize your equipment to help you.


I honestly did not expect the game to be as hard as it is – and don’t get me started on the ridiculousness that is local co-op. Nonetheless, Crypt is incredibly fun to play and has an amazing soundtrack to boot. Even the shopkeeper sings along!


I made the mistaking of attacking him once. Never again.

Favorite song to play: Disco Descent

As much as I can remember, these are all the rhythm games I’ve played so far. It definitely is a niche/not-as-popular genre and new releases are few and far between, if any (not to mention good ones). Nonetheless, rhythm games will always have a soft spot in my heart.


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