Lyn Plays: Rocket League (First Impressions)


Developer/Publisher: Psyonix
Platform(s): PC, PS4, Xbox One
Price: $19.99
Discovery: Steam front page
Playtime: 71 minutes

Disclaimer: My first impression “reviews” basically have no format. I kind of just barf my thoughts into a semi-coherent post. 😀

Alright. Call me late to the party, but Rocket League has been sitting on my wishlist for a good few months now. So lo and behold, FREE WEEKEND! What’s better than full access for a demo to try-before-I-buy.

Given my busy schedule I really shouldn’t have been playing any games this weekend but I did so anyway, heh. So in the hour or so that I tried out Rocket League, I managed to go over the practice rounds, play one season match against bots, and then play a couple online matches with friends.


I really have no idea what I’m doing about 70% of the time, though.

My impression of Rocket League so far? This game is really, really fun, and polished. There’s a good reason why its been on the top of the charts for a while. Thing is, the premise is so simple – it’s cars + soccer. And because of this I feel like people, like myself, really put off buying this game as a priority and never got around to really trying it.

So this free weekend really opened my eyes on just a small glimpse of what Rocket League has in store. Already, I can tell a weekend alone won’t do justice to all the things for me to experience, such how to do aerial shots, using boost and powerslide, and of course, all the ways I can customize my car.


I haz a Portal cake.

Rocket League is deceptively simple in that it’s easy to pick up, but definitely harder to master. And no amount of screenshots or gameplay videos you see will really give the same experience as simply playing the game yourself.

So with free weekend having just ended, will my experience justify going out and buying the game (on sale, even)? …Nope.

WHAT? BUT LYN. You just talked about how great this game is?!

I know, but remember, I’m a broke-ass college student. T__T I have so many games on my plate that going out to buy Rocket League simply doesn’t fit into my budget/schedule. What I’ve experienced, even in consideration of what’s in store if I were to buy the game, simply doesn’t “wow” me enough to set aside things for Rocket League, unfortunately. In fact, I cannot help but wonder how the game would fare being free-to-play (with adjustments to follow suit, of course). But that would deserve a whole separate post for itself. Anyway, back to the wishlist Rocket League goes…

BUT – my situation my not be the same as your’s. If you’re on the fence and have the resources to spare, I definitely would recommend buying Rocket League. It is worth the price tag, even at full price.

Will I keep playing?  Only if I don’t have to pay for it. 😛


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