On My Radar: Planet Coaster


Planet Coaster

Developer/Publisher: Frontier Developments
Platform(s): PC
Price: $29.99 for base game
Discovery: Random browsing on the internet
Release Date: Q4 2016; March 22nd, 2016 for Alpha

I’m a sucker for sim games. Especially ones that involve managing things such as cities, or villages – or theme parks! In fact, one of my first PC games was Roller Coaster Tycoon 2. I think it’s the idea of being able start from scratch and building your way up, with control even over the tiniest of details. Nothing beats just sitting back after hours and hours of carefully lining the tracks, mapping out your park, and setting up the perfect scenery just to finally watch it all come to life.

Frontier Developments has been the developer behind Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, Thrillville and Thrillville: Off the Rails – all three of which I’ve played. Given their track record, I look forward to seeing what Planet Coaster has to offer.

Thing is, I find it funny how after such a long gap since a major roller coaster sim there seems to be a sudden resurgence for the genre. In addition to Planet Coaster, there’s Theme Parkitect by Texel Raptor (in alpha) and Roller Coaster Tycoon World by Nvizzio and published by Atari (in beta).

But what led me to choose Planet Coaster is that, really, I just want proper sequel to RCT3. Personally, I actually prefer RCT3 over RCT2 because of how many new features it introduced. Most importantly, of course, was the ability to actually ride your own creations! Some may lament the change from 2D to 3D, but the style definitely grew on me.


Character design definitely has its roots from RC3.

There isn’t much out in terms screenshots or actual gameplay for Planet Coaster, but the consistent updates and overall vibe from both Frontier and the community leaves me feeling hopeful.

Hype Level: 7/10 – Will definitely pre-order when it comes closer to release date and more information is out.


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