Lyn Rambles: Snapshot #2 (HIT/Heroes of Incredible Tales, Orpheus Stone, I Love Hue, Dancing Line)


Look: I went ahead and spent a bit of time to make this nice visual! Anyway, here’s the lineup for this Snapshot:

HIT – A real-time action RPG published by Nexon
Orpheus Stone – A very cute and humorous resource-gathering and strategy game
I Love Hue РA puzzle game based on arranging rectangles to create a nice spectrum
Dancing Line – A music arcade game where you must tap to the beat and avoid obstacles

These are all free mobile games, by the way. ūüôā

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Lyn Plays: Slime Rancher (Quick Review)


Developer/Publisher: Monomi Park
Platform(s): PC, Xbox One
Price: $19.99
Discovery: Youtuber
Playtime: 9 hours

Slime Rancher¬†has actually been on my wishlist for a quite a while, but I only got around to buying it with the recent Steam sale. I initially found out about this game through a Youtuber, and was amazed at how cute it was. …that was months ago. While the game is still in Early Access, what Monomi Park has proven is that they are dedicated and are consistent with their updates. It’s great to see the game grow with new features.

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I swear I’m alive.

The time between my posts has been growing longer.

But honestly, any free time I’m getting lately goes into playing games ¬†– or making them as a hobby ūüėČ – there’s little-to-no time to actually write about them.

And it doesn’t help that my average word count is really high.

And I’m not lying when I say my backlog with all the games I’ve played so far is huge. But I really can’t bring myself to write with the quality I want to write.

…SooOoOo. In an effort to try to put *something* on the table, I’ll be introducing yet another post type: Snapshots. ūüôā I think it’ll fall under the¬†Ramble category. I’m not really nitpicking at a game more so than I’m just writing quick blurbs about them and providing screenshots. Let’s see how it goes!

Lyn Reviews: Fire Emblem Heroes (Full Review)


Developer/Publisher: Intellegent Systems Co., Ltd./Nintendo
Platform(s): Android, iOS
Price: Free, with IAP
Discovery: Friends
Playtime: Approx. 6 hours

Clearly this game is all the rage because lot of my friends have been playing it! The hype almost reminds me of when Pokemon Go came out. Well, I’m not sure if it’s as big as Pokemon has a fairly wider appeal.¬†In fact, while I’ve definitely heard about Fire Emblem and even seen gameplay, I’ve yet to get my hands on any of the titles. So, bare in mind: I’ll be writing on the basis that I’ve never played a Fire Emblem game before. Hopefully it won’t take away too much from the experience.

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Lyn Plays: Reigns (First Impressions)


Developer/Publisher: Nerial/Devolver Digital
Platform(s): Google Play, Apple App Store, Steam
Price: $2.99
Discovery: Google Play Store/Steam
Playtime: Approx. 2 hours

Reigns is a decision-based fantasy card game. You play through a long lineage of rulers, and must make choices that will determine the outcome of your kingdom and its resources. Be wary of the choices you make, for it may have long term consequences down the road.

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